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What has nine tails, super speed, and an appetite for men's souls? Meet the gumiho, the nine-tailed fox found throughout Korean mythology — and the main. Grab your longbow, braid your hair, and hop on the train to the Capital, because Suzanne Collins is taking us back to Panem. The Hunger Games prequel book. One of the most anticipated events of the year, Refinery29's 29Rooms, is coming to Chicago in less than a month, and there is already so much to look. Rather, I wouldn't finish it. When the time came for the final chapter,. The future of entertainment will be written by young women on their phones.

And the future is already here. In , year-old Anna Todd typed the.

5 Real Sex Stories That Will Make You Really Horny (Part IV) | Thought Catalog

Every year, I ask my dad what he wants for Father's Day. Every year, he says, "Don't get me anything.

Come inside, kick up your heels. Let's get comfortable. We're here to talk about the best thing there is to talk about: books. And not just any books, but. Summer is the best season for a book-lover. Suddenly, reading is a cool activity.

Is It A Bad Idea To Date A Younger Man?

Everyone's browsing for "beach reads" and "vacation reads" and "sit in. What is the definition of a thriller, anyway? He had an amazing body and it was the perfect first one night stand. I was slightly shocked but went with it anyway. Oh — and there was a sauna. Everyone at the party was dancing to EDM music. I hate dancing. While outside trying to avoid the dance floor, I struck up conversation with a very handsome guy and we immediately hit it off. Later when the party died down, he walked me home.

We stopped at a park near my apartment and he pulled out his phone. He grabbed my hand and taught me to dance real rom-com stuff… think spinning me around and dipping me backwards in the park, in the moonlight. We smoked weed in his bed until everything became funny.

Someone had spilled gummy bears on his comforter, and we kept feeding each other and cracking up. Feeding quickly turned to making out.

That time a mermaid gave me head

Driving home the next morning, I kept finding gummy bears that were stuck to my arms and neck. We went up with nothing but a makeshift axe, a rope and water. We reached the top by sundown after a lot of sweat, dirt, him dragging me, carrying me on his back, etc. But the kiss we shared was beautiful and so was everything else that followed. He left to work for the Navy some days later. To this day, we meet up once or twice every year for really good one-night stands, no strings attached.

I later ditched him after he proposed to have sex behind a motorcycle. I met a guy that night, brought him home and a year later we were married.

Tinder and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse”

The next day in school we had to read the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet together in front of the whole class. I wanted to faint. This guy I thought was so hot started talking to me and we hit it off.

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He took me to the roof where we gazed at the stars together and drank Natty Lights. He was a great kisser and it was amazing sex, but we never talked again after that. Honestly I mostly am just proud that I successfully picked up a guy wearing duck onesie pajamas. I was just beginning my medical transition.

The Realities of Sexual Assault on Campus

I was feeling lonely, so I met up with a guy who had been messaging me on a dating app. It was a bit awkward. We tried finding food both of us could eat. For me, vegan, and him, gluten-free. We ended up settling on a burger place. We started talking and I could feel an attraction. I was really into him. We went back to his place for some honestly mediocre sex haha. I asked after if there was a place nearby to grab a coffee and he offered to make me one.

We sat and snuggled for a bit and decided go try to find fireworks it was the Fourth of July.

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We ended up in Dolores park. We sat down and ended up kissing and cuddling, hardly able to wait to get back to his place again. This experience meant a lot for me at a time of my life where I thought being trans meant I would have to sacrifice true romantic encounters and simply cope with being fetishized and reduced to my trans identity. It also showed me that there were men who would walk down the street with me, holding my hand, somewhat unaffected by the toxic masculinity that can be fatal for us trans folk. It shaped my expectations for how I wanted to be treated by men and gave me hope that I will actually be able to find someone who respects me and my identity eventually.

His name was James. We had to keep going up to the hostel front desk for condoms in what was likely the most conspicuous manner. I have thought of the night fondly ever since. I asked him why he looked so lonely, which prompted a laugh.

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We drank, danced, laughed, and made out with each other through the rest of the night. I went home with him and we had great sex. A week later I found out I had chlamydia most likely from him. When I told him, he was surprisingly relaxed — we both went to the doctor and we were both prescribed meds.

After our doctor business, he asked me to come over and watch some Netflix with him, and we genuinely bonded over our temporary STD. We hit it off. But then she called me after her shift ended at 10 p. When she walked in, I noticed that her eyes were yellow.


Two Pacificos with lime later, we took a cab to another bar, our shoulders close to, but not touching — in the way they do when two people are interested, but unsure. We picked songs from the juke box while she touched my back. I leaned forward off of my stool and kissed her while John Martyn sang into an empty Venice bar. How I got undressed.